Working with its many partners, Speak to the Future seeks to support language learning in primary, secondary and supplementary schools. There are different challenges in different schools and for different reasons, but by keeping informed and by sharing ideas across our networks, we can support one another and keep ourselves and our learners motivated.



Inspiring projects

Speak to the Future promotes inspiring projects that bring languages to life. Is there a project here that would interest you and your students?

Deptford Storytelling Project 2020


Do you have a story to share? Have you always wanted to make a film that matters? Become part of a multilingual community film-making project in Deptford.

To find out more meet the Project Directors, Jim Anderson, Vicky Macleroy and Lucy Rogers in the foyer of Deptford Lounge at any time from 4.00–6.00pm, Thursday 28 November 2019

Deptford Lounge
9 Giffin Street Deptford
London SE8 4RJ

Work: 0207 919 7351

Click here to download Deptford Storytelling Project 2020.pdf


BiLi is the free online student language exchange for schools everywhere.

There are three easy steps

  1. Find your ideal partner school abroad
  2. Set tasks for your students and oversee their language exchange
  3. Students learn each other’s languages in the most natural way

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Arsenal Double Club Languages

Arsenal Double Club Languages is an innovative award-winning educational programme combining football and language learning. Aiming to inspire and motivate pupils at primary and secondary level, the programme uses Arsenal and football to show pupils that language learning can be achievable, rewarding and, above all, fun!

Hear legendary former manager, Arsène Wenger OBE, saying why languages are important

Check out how many languages Arsenal players speak!

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Goldsmiths University of London

Critical Connections Multilingual Digital Storytelling Project, Goldsmiths University of London

This project started in 2012, funded by the Paul Hamyln Foundation, and continues to inspire and grow!

It develops a critical and creative approach to digital storytelling across a range of languages, including Arabic, Chinese, English, French and German, bringing together mainstream and supplementary schools in the UK and overseas.

Check out the Professional Development tab for guidance and access to a range of resources. Be inspired by a sample of the short films directed and produced by students on the project. See how museum resources can stimulate language and creativity.

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Download the Critical Connections Project PDF here

Project to share?

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