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Speak to the future promotes the importance of languages, language learning and professional language activities across the UK. Raising the status of languages and bringing about a step-change in public attitudes and policy.

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Bringing nations together through languages, science and business

Details: The extraordinary power of language learning transcends borders and makes future partnerships with other communities and nations possible, affecting most...
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Recognising our multilingual capital – celebrating our citizens’ many languages

Details: Upwards of 30% of young people in Britain’s major cities use multiple languages in their daily lives. Schools in major cities have more than 40 different...
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Busting myths: the real benefits of learning languages

Details: Language learning is the new elixir, making you healthier, wealthier and, if you believe the hype, more attractive! Well, it’s always tempting to believe in...
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Latest News Posts

First Pop-Up Museum of Languages travelling around the UK right now!

You know, there are some 6,500 languages spoken in the world today, but more than two thousand of those have less than a 1000 speakers. You would have thought that someone somewhere would have wanted to bring together information about the many languages spoken in our communities, the benefits of learning other languages and the […]

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The Power of Persuasion – British Sign Language GCSE is now a possibility

When one determined 12-year-old boy set his mind on sitting a GCSE in British Sign Language (BSL), it seemed as if there would be a long hard road to travel before he achieved his goal. With a government moratorium on creating any more changes to GCSE examinations, it appeared unlikely that the challenge of introducing […]

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French and German GCSE to benefit from easier grading from 2020

There is welcome news for pupils in Year 11 studying French and German for GCSE. Ofqual, the regulator, has announced that adjustments will be made to the grading of GCSEs from 2020 to bring French and German in line with Spanish. After a review of grading standards, Ofqual has decided that there are grounds to […]

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